Is your business running efficiently? Energy-efficient refrigeration upgrades offer great benefits for businesses that use large freezer units. Grocery stores, restaurants, and warehouses need their freezer and cooler units to run 24/7, leading to higher energy bills and a larger carbon footprint. You already may have switched to more efficient lighting and HVAC systems, but you can do more with energy-efficient refrigeration upgrades. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at refrigeration upgrades and how they can benefit your business.

Increased Energy Savings 

Newer equipment and technology require less energy to keep your cooler’s contents cold, lowering your monthly energy bill. With upgraded equipment, you also could be eligible for several energy-efficient rebates from the following programs: 

Save money on your energy with these rebate programs. We even help our partners explore and navigate them as part of our services. You can learn more about our Rebate Processing services here.

Extended Life Expectancy

An entirely new system is expensive to install and requires a lot of effort to replace. You can expect a longer life expectancy with upgrades and achieve a cost-effective solution that helps refrigeration units last longer.  

Improved Product Lighting

Entice your customers with attractive lighting in your refrigerator units. Using upgraded lighting to showcase food products will draw customer interest and increase your sales. 

Heat Protection

Ensure the quality of your products by upgrading your refrigeration equipment. Avoid the risk of losing valuable inventory to heat and temperature issues by keeping your cooler cold with equipment that’s performing optimally.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Unexpected issues and repairs can wreak havoc on your budget. Avoid these surprise expenses and business downtime with upgraded equipment. 

How GreenBee Can Help

GreenBee Energy Efficiency is the premier provider of energy efficiency upgrades for refrigeration systems for businesses in the food industry. 

  • Variable Frequency Drives – We use variable frequency drives on refrigeration fan motors to run at high and low speeds instead of at a constant, medium speed. This allows it to kick on only when temperature adjustments are needed, rather than running 24/7 and using more energy.
  • Curtains – We have worked with facilities to set up curtains to keep areas sectioned off so temperatures don’t fluctuate as much.
  • Door Closers – Our door closers ensure the doors of commercial facilities aren’t left open in refrigerators and keep cool air in.

While we frequently provide these common services for refrigeration upgrades, we are willing to assist in exploring any cost-saving opportunities that work best for your facility. The switch to energy-efficient systems provides several advantages for your business, and the sooner you implement them, the better. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how GreenBee can help upgrade your facility to an energy-efficient refrigeration system, contact us today! We will develop a plan of attack that best fits your needs, saves you money, and helps protect our environment.