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The environment of a healthcare facility can have an immense impact on the likes of patients, visitors, and staff members. Proper lighting is a key contributor to any type of medical practice. Whether it’s the waiting room, the nurse counter, or in an examination area, every aspect of the medical environment must be adequately illuminated. With the right lighting in effect, you’ll be able to help make any interior space calmer, stress-free, and more efficient for healthcare professionals to operate in.

When it comes time to perform a medical exam, having the right medical lighting fixtures can make all the difference. During medical procedures, it’s critical for caretakers to be supported with light fixtures that are easily maneuverable, glare-free, and comfortable for all those present in the room. Doctors and nurses will flourish when the right solutions are properly in place.

If you are getting ready to renovate your medical office, make sure that this critical lighting equipment will be in present reach:

STELLAR Ceiling Systems

Recessed lighting is a critical necessity in any type of medical environment. If you are in need of an ambient light system with optimal lighting scenarios, then the technology experts at STELLAR have the right solutions for you. These LED ceiling fixtures are fully enclosed with special lenses and protective reflectors, making it safer for any quantity of patients. Stellar’s direct ceiling fixtures are flush-mounted, making it easy to install on drop ceilings. Take advantage of recessed light with plenty of color temperatures, maximum light output, and an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours.

CRESCENT Soft Light Faceplates

Soft lighting is a unique, yet useful feature for any healthcare environment. Low-level night lights provide a comfortable illumination when you are navigating in the dark. If you are in need of a night light system to help your patients accommodate to better sleeping patterns, then CRESCENT faceplate will be the perfect resource for you. CRESCENT’s open wall plate is an aesthetically pleasing automated LED dim light. It distributes soft, yet comforting light outputs in blue, white, and amber color temperatures.

Headwall LED Systems

Healthcare facilities have plenty of open areas that must be operating 24/7. Whether it’s a patient room, stairway, corridor, or any other public area, you’ll need to keep these spaces supported with lights on at all times. This can suck a lot of energy usage if you don’t have the right fixture in place and that’s why you should consider using headwall illumination systems. These LED light structures provide soft ambient lighting in wider areas, only utilizing 2000-4000 lumens. This is an energy-efficient way to support any common that you work in.

Operation Lights

When it’s time to perform a medical practice, careful and precise lighting is a must. Caregivers need adjustable lighting to so they can navigate their way through the procedure. Whether it’s a floor stand, single or double ceiling system, or wall mount, you need to make sure that your medical lighting equipment is an ergonomic LED solution. Before you deploy any new medical lighting equipment, make sure that the tools are durable, energy efficient, and cover enough light on any surface area. The best light fixtures come with an array of dimming levels and clear, receptacle color temperatures that are comfortable for patients and practitioners alike.