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Full-Service Energy Consulting For Your Project

As a full-service energy consulting firm, GreenBee Energy Efficiency is with our clients throughout every phase of their project. From our initial introduction to their building until the final stage of the project, we will handle everything. We manage the design, figuring out the type of lighting fixtures to use, the best way to install them, choosing the team that is needed, and the timing required. If necessary, we will work around your schedule to accommodate your needs.

    The Best Energy Consulting Services in Chicago

    1. Project Planning – We work with you to understand your needs and expectations for the project. During this phase, we will determine the team that is necessary to complete your project, discuss the budget, and assign an appropriate timeline to the project.
    2. Design – If requested, we can offer LED lighting design for the project. We are design experts and know how to attain the proper amount of light so that it is evenly distributed throughout the space and adequately lit.
    3. Installation – After thorough planning and design, GreenBee also handles the installation of your new lighting fixtures and controls. No matter the energy efficiency upgrade you are wanting, we have the team to handle installation.
    4. Project Wrap-Up – At the end of the project, we want to help you see how the project is going to save you money on energy long-term. We care about helping you understand when you will be cash positive on your investment. We utilize data to show you what you will be saving from your new energy-efficiency upgrade. We also handle the recycling of old materials if necessary.

    No matter what it is that you need for your project, we make the upgrade as seamless as possible, and we will work closely with you throughout the entire process.

    Partner With GreenBee

    In addition to consulting with you on your first project with us, GreenBee aims to build long-lasting relationships with our partners in an effort to always be providing the best energy saving solutions. As new programs for incentives and rebates come out, we will inform our partners of the most efficient projects that they can deploy in their facility to save money. We care about keeping an ongoing relationship with all of our clients, and it is our goal to make your building as energy efficient as possible.

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