Many people will often confuse energy efficiency with energy conservation. This leads to a misunderstanding of the services companies like GreenBee Energy Efficiency provide. The truth is that these are two completely separate concepts with different approaches to energy usage. As a comprehensive energy solution provider, we believe that it is crucial for everyone to understand these differences and how they dictate the types of services we provide.

What is Energy Efficiency?

Words like energy conservation have picked up a negative reputation for being associated with a drop in quality of performance. This is not the case for energy efficient products and services. The entire focus of commercial and home energy efficient appliances or equipment is to deliver the same level of performance while consuming less overall energy. For example, an LED retrofit will use considerably less electricity than traditional light bulbs, but will still provide the same level of illumination or better in some cases. Improved energy efficiency only means a drop in your utility bills, not in the quality of your services.

How Does an Energy Efficiency Rebate Help You?

At GreenBee, we pride ourselves on the savings we can find with commercial and residential energy efficiency rebates. In recent years, there has been a significant push for more efficient technologies. Agencies like the department of energy or energy delivery businesses have seen the value in supporting these upgrades and thought of a variety of ways to motivate the average person or company to make these improvements.

These providers and regulatory entities saw that the largest factor holding people back from making the jump to more efficient products and services was the upfront cost. Even when you have convinced someone of the value of a brand new more energy efficient heating and cooling system, we all know someone has to pay that installation price. Some organizations or people don’t always have the funds to pay for a project like that.

This is where incentives like rebates come in. Energy suppliers and regulators wanted to reduce carbon emissions and encourage property owners to make the jump to more cost-effective products, so they created energy rebates for a broad range of products. Energy rebates will help make your upgrade more affordable and save money for more projects in the future.

How can GreenBee Help You Get the Energy Solutions You Need?

We look at your building with an all-inclusive perspective of everything we can do to make your systems more efficient along with every incentive or rebate that we can pair them with. The team here at GreenBee has in-depth knowledge of the rebate applications, what makes you eligible, and will handle the entire process for you. We want to make it easier for you to afford your new energy upgrade project. We have partnered with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program to help streamline the rebate progress.

GreenBee first turned to ComEd to assist in funding our lighting upgrades, but as our capabilities expanded, so did our partnership with ComEd. Today, they are there to support all of our energy efficiency projects. They are prepared to help you find and afford the items like Energy Star® products and build your Energy Star certified homes. GreenBee is equipped to provide energy solutions in interior and exterior LED lighting, solar power, and refrigeration.

To learn more about our energy efficiency services and rebate opportunities, contact GreenBee today. We are ready to decrease your energy waste and increase your energy savings.