Keep your commercial property at its visual best with dynamic and quality lighting options

You might sell great products, provide amazing services, and generally be a quality option for your customers, but have you ever thought about how your business looks from the outside? A sign and an outside lamp is no longer enough to get your business noticed. Here are the top reasons why you should invest time and attention to your outside lighting.

Curb appeal is a huge deal

Your image is one of the major factors that define your business. One aspect of boosting your curb appeal is through your outdoor lighting. How your building is lit and how you use lights to pique interest plays a significant role in demonstrating your business is open and customers are welcome. There is nothing worse for a business than a darkened storefront where potential customers simply walk by thinking your business is closed when it really isn’t.

People are drawn to well-lit places and the softness or brightness of light can make customers feel relaxed and comfortable or energized and included.

Keep your outside areas secure

Security is a key aspect of your business. This goes beyond just protecting your merchandise and the contents of your safe, but the well-being and security of your customers and employees. Safety is one of the most important reasons businesses of all sizes invest in exterior security lighting. It might sound cliche, but criminals really do prefer seedy, dark areas. The right lighting not only makes your business look good, but it can be a warm beacon of safety at night. Use lighting to illuminate sidewalks and walkways in front of your business. Make sure parking lots are bright and welcoming from dusk to dawn. Light makes people feel safe, and by keeping this in mind when designing your outdoor lighting for your building, your business will be somewhere that customers want to go to, even at night.

Keep your business unique

LED lighting comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Used in a aesthetically pleasing  way, the right kind of lighting can add that touch of personality that you are looking for. Your outdoor lighting can follow a particular indoor color scheme and become part of your branding, and not serve as  merely outside lights. There are many things you can use outside lights for, from communicating with customers to differentiating your building from the others on the block.

Shed light and do it efficiently with LED lighting from GreenBee

LED is a great choice for outdoor lighting. Not only is it versatile and available for decorative use, but LED lighting is efficient and uses less energy than traditional lighting methods. The bulbs themselves last for years before they need to be replaced. hey are made of plastic, not glass, which makes them ideal for outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements. GreenBee has installed LED lights for hundreds of business interiors and exteriors. If you are looking to revitalize your outside lighting, and you want something that incorporates style and safety, call us and set up an appointment. Our technicians would be happy to discuss how we can give your building a lighting facelift.