Something that is often overlooked as a cost-saving opportunity for business owners is energy efficiency upgrades. With the size of buildings and all of the energy-using systems that allow them to function, facilities use a great deal of energy to operate.

Upgrading your lighting is one of the easiest ways to achieve cost savings in your facility. By installing efficient forms of lighting, performing control upgrades, and optimizing the design of your lighting, you can ensure that your facility is well-lit and that you are conserving as much energy as possible.

How Do Lighting Upgrades Save Businesses Money?

Traditional lighting choices such as halogen and incandescent bulbs are expensive to run and are not very efficient. LED bulbs are 80 percent more efficient than other lighting options. With LED lights, most of the electricity used to power the bulbs is converted to light, with only about 20 percent being converted to heat. Traditional lights are the opposite, emitting much more heat and driving up electricity bills.

There are several ways you can make your facility more efficient with lighting upgrades.

New LED Light Installation
The obvious way to upgrade to efficient LED lighting solutions is to install new lighting fixtures in your facility. A comprehensive LED lighting installation service includes initial project planning, [design], and [installation.]

Lighting Retrofit
[Lighting retrofits] are a great way to experience all of the great benefits that LED has to offer without replacing your original lighting fixtures. Retrofitting involves using the same fixtures but upgrading the lighting aspect of it or the energy supplier to the light.

Lighting Controls
Lighting control upgrades include the installation of photocells, occupancy sensors, daylighting control, dimming, and more. Lighting controls can result in cost savings

Industries We Have Helped At GreenBee

Lighting upgrades can help many businesses significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. GreenBee Energy Efficiency has helped hundreds of companies in various fields upgrade to energy efficient forms of lighting, ultimately resulting in energy savings. Two industries that we have experience with are car dealerships and gas stations/retail facilities.

  • Car Dealerships – For car dealerships, outdoor lighting is especially important since their parking lot is their showroom. Ineffective lighting or lighting that is inoperable can be detrimental to business. At GreenBee, we helped a 146,000 square foot car dealership upgrade poor, inoperable lighting to newer, brighter, efficient LED lighting. Using our knowledge to help the client apply for an [LED lighting rebate], we were able to offer the client an incentive of $46,000. The project resulted in a savings of approximately $1,000 per month on energy bills.
  • Gas Stations/Retail – Gas stations require both indoor and outdoor lighting. These types of facilities often operate 24 hours a day and need the most efficient form of lighting to save as much money for their business as possible. GreenBee has helped several gas stations and retail facilities. For example; we replace old, expensive lighting in a gas station that was open 24 hours a day. The rebate of $8,000 that we were able to find to help fund the project paid for the new lighting and the install. The customer has lowered their energy bill by $5,600 per year because of this upgrade.

Lighting Upgrades―A Bright Idea for Your Facility

LED lighting upgrades can do more than significantly reduce costs; they are safer, longer lasting, and brighter. GreenBee has helped hundreds of facilities make the move from inefficient forms of lighting to efficient LED lighting. We have worked with businesses in industries such as education, manufacturing, industrial, retail, parking, offices, multi-family, and medical, and we are continuing to grow. For lighting upgrades that will make an impact, [contact GreenBee!]