Lighting solutions are one of the necessities of any workplace. Along with services like HVAC and plumbing, it is one of the services that make the locations we work in liveable. Without proper lighting, no company today would be able to function at the proper level. LED light fixtures and industrial LED lighting offer your business the opportunity to achieve optimal illumination with lower operating costs.

The LED revolution started in homes and office spaces, but has expanded to factories, warehouses, traffic signals, exterior area lighting, and even vehicle headlights. As their reputation has spread, more and more people are making the switch to LEDs. This exponential growth in LED demand has been caused by their many advantages and multiple ways of reducing your operating costs.

Advantages of Industrial LED Lighting For Any Field

There is a wide range of ways for any business or organization to reduce their spending by taking the leap into LED fixtures and lighting solutions. The cost-effective features available through GreenBee include:

  • Longevity: Part of the LED design is a low operating temperature. Heat is the most significant killer of any lighting system and LEDs have one of the lowest running temps of any lighting solution. This means each bulb, bar, or light strip will last longer than the other available options.
  • Efficient Operation: On average, any LED retrofit or new installation will run 70-90% more efficiently than traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. This means you receive the same lighting performance with lower energy costs.
  • Safer Temperatures: Ever burned your fingers on an older light bulb? LEDs have one of the lowest operating temperatures of any lighting option. This reduces the chance of singed fingertips and possible ignition in your lighting fixtures.
  • Built to Last: Along with the advances in LED technology, we have seen their durability rise as well. Today, LED exterior lighting can be designed to withstand the rain, snow, and high winds of inclement weather.
  • Availability: Once upon a time, LEDs were a brand new technology and only available in specialty applications. Now, they are becoming the normal option for affordable and effective lighting. They are also available in a wide variety of styles and wattages to fit your many needs.
  • Superior Lighting: Another key feature that contributed to the rise of LEDs is the way they deliver light to the workplace. They are widely considered to be the preferred option for industrial lighting. LEDs emit light in a specific direction rather than everywhere all at once. This benefit reduces the need for extra pieces like diffusers and reflectors.

The Benefits of GreenBee Energy Efficiency LED Lighting

Beyond all of the advantages of LED lighting on its own, there is the unique benefit that comes from partnering with GreenBee. We are equipped to supply new installation, LED retrofit, outdoor lighting, professional lighting controls, and utility rebate services. Our rebate services help your business identify every incentive and rebate that you are eligible for. Our staff even manages the entire application process for you. You can complete that high bay LED light retrofit project and have assistance paying for the final bill.

To learn more about how you can get high performance LED lighting solutions in your industrial facility, contact GreenBee Energy Efficiency today. We will be there to assist you in finding all the opportunities to cut costs and improve the efficiency of your workplace.