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LED Garage Lighting Systems

Parking garages present an excellent opportunity for LED lighting upgrades. By upgrading to efficient LED lighting, you are not only taking safety precautions but also being more energy efficient. LED lighting fixtures are the best lighting option for parking garages for several reasons. Parking structures typically have a lot of fixtures, and they are run for long hours. Traditional fixtures can result in high energy costs, whereas modern advances in LED technology allow for reduced costs. GreenBee Energy Efficiency proudly provides LED lighting installation and upgrades for parking garages.

LED Low Bay Garage Lighting

LEDs offer the best performance over time. Since the fixtures are designed to consume fewer watts while producing a higher lumen output than traditional lighting fixtures, LEDs provide a high return on investment due to a lower utility bill. LEDs also last longer than other options, some even last up to 50,000 hours.

Low bay LEDs are commonly used in parking garages, and are useful for any structure with a low ceiling, because LEDs operate at no heat loss. Other forms of lighting that emit heat may cause unwanted warmth on internal elements of the fixture or increased temperature in the space.

Rebates, Incentives, & Financing

At GreenBee, we are proud to be well-versed and knowledgeable about rebate and incentive programs that help clients afford their lighting upgrade project. We work with companies like ComEd and Energy STAR to find rebate programs that our clients may be eligible for. Once we find these programs, we assist with the application process. We also offer financing lease options to make paying for your upgrade that much easier. We are all about finding ways for our clients to save money and providing the best efficiency upgrade possible so that you can save money long-term on utility bills.

Increase Safety And Decrease Costs

For quality upgrades, assistance with rebate applications, and a company who truly cares about your bottom line, GreenBee is the partner to call. We provide energy efficiency upgrades for parking garages and several other types of businesses to ultimately help companies reduce costs and become more energy efficient. To get started on your project, contact GreenBee today.

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