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Industrial LED Lighting

Warehouses are incredibly spacious and, therefore, require powerful lighting to adequately illuminate the entire space. Various types of lighting are needed in industrial plants including industrial LED flood lights for outdoor trucking/freighting and high bay LED lights for the high ceilings found inside industrial facilities.

  • Industrial LED Flood Lights – Flood lights are used for large outdoor areas in industrial facilities as an efficient, energy-saving form of lighting. Flood lights provide wide-spanning lighting, covering large areas and hidden spaces that may otherwise not be easy to illuminate. Flood lights are long-lasting and offer high performance, making them perfect for an industrial plant.
  • High Bay LED Lights – For large indoor spaces that need to be well lit, high bay lighting is usually appropriate. High bay lighting typically hangs from the ceiling utilizing hooks, chains, or pendants. High bay LED lights offer superior light quality, require little maintenance, and increase energy efficiency.

LED Lighting Upgrades for Industrial Facilities

GreenBee Energy Efficiency offers LED lighting upgrades for industrial facilities. Industrial LED lighting outperforms traditional lighting, and our upgrades are meant to provide numerous benefits for your industrial space.

  • Cost Savings – The number one reason for upgrading to efficient LED lighting fixtures is the cost-saving opportunity. LEDs require less wattage and use less energy to operate, resulting in a 70 percent reduction in energy usage per bulb. This means substantial cost savings for your company.
  • Decreased Maintenance – LEDs have a lifespan that is four to forty times longer than many conventional bulbs. Fewer replacements mean savings for your bottom line.
  • Improved Light Quality – High bay LED lights will provide the best quality lighting when compared to traditional bulbs.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Not only do LED lights provide excellent light quality, but they also produce less heat and waste less energy.
Forklift Battery Chargers

At GreenBee, we perform lighting upgrades frequently, but we offer additional energy efficiency upgrades. We are always looking for ways to save companies money on their energy bills. For industrial facilities, we make the batteries in forklifts operate more efficiently by updating batter chargers. Forklifts operate off batteries, and there are ways to make these more efficient, resulting in cost savings.

LED Lighting for Industrial Facilities

For quality upgrades and a company that cares about saving you money, contact GreenBee! We have extensive experience working with warehouses and other industrial facilities, helping to improve their lighting and looking for other energy efficiency upgrades that could result in cost savings. In addition, we offer rebate and financing assistance to help you afford your project. For quality energy efficiency upgrades, contact GreenBee.

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