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Manufacturing plants are high-energy use facilities.

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Energy Efficiency In Manufacturing Systems

All energy using systems in manufacturing facilities are employed for anywhere from twelve hours a day to 24/7; this requires a lot of energy.  GreenBee specializes in finding ways to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities regardless of how long they are operating. Whether you need to make your facility brighter and safer with LED lighting for energy efficiency or putting in a new compressor, we have you covered.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Manufacturing Plants

We employ the following energy efficiency measures in manufacturing facilities:

  • LED Lighting Upgrades – Lighting is essential in a manufacturing facility; but if you’re still using traditional lighting, you are missing out on tremendous cost-saving opportunities. Energy efficient lighting is critical in manufacturing facilities to reduce energy expenses and the need for maintenance. LEDs are also safer for employees because they emit less heat.
  • Lighting Control – In addition to LED installation and LED lighting upgrades/retrofits, we can also perform lighting control upgrades to improve efficiency. For example, by adding sensors, we can ensure that lights are only on when people are in the room.
  • Compressors – We can install new, modern compressors for machine systems to lower energy costs and carbon emissions. We can improve the design of your air compressor system to improve energy efficiency as well.
  • HVAC Units – We offer several services to improve the efficiency of HVAC units including retrofitting (replacing the compressors, adding controls, etc.), installing smart thermostats, and adding demand-controlled ventilation.

No matter what type of product you manufacture or the size of your facility, GreenBee has your energy efficiency needs covered. We have worked with a variety of manufacturing companies with the same goal every time: to find every possible energy saving opportunity in your facility and provide a quality upgrade that saves you money.

Energy Efficiency For Manufacturing

We have worked with businesses of all sizes that manufacture all different types of products. If your facility has energy-using systems, there is an opportunity for us to become partners. By working with GreenBee, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly energy bills. Manufacturing facilities have so much opportunity for energy efficiency upgrades, and GreenBee is the partner that can execute these upgrades flawlessly. We also provide financing and guidance with rebate programs so that clients can afford quality upgrades and start saving money. Don’t waste any more time with inefficient energy systems, upgrade to high-quality energy solutions with GreenBee Energy Efficiency and experience lower costs, comfortable surroundings, and energy efficiency. To get started, contact GreenBee today.

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