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LED Lighting Upgrades for Medical Facilities

Lighting fixtures are an extremely important part of a healthcare facility. A lot of these facilities run for long hours and need adequate lighting at all times. When operating on patients and saving lives, there is no room for error. Having a well-lit facility and proper medical lighting equipment is critical so that medical professionals can visually see everything that they need to see with no problem.

At GreenBee Energy Efficiency, we can work with small doctor’s offices or large hospitals. No matter the size of your facility or the upgrade needed, we are energy efficiency experts and have worked with numerous medical offices to install energy efficient LED lighting.

LED lighting upgrades and retrofits can positively impact healthcare environments and provide several benefits, including the following:

  • Energy Savings and Cost Savings. LEDs, when compared with fluorescent lighting, can result in as much as 80 percent reduction in energy costs.
  • Decreased Labor and Downtime. Each time a lamp burns out, a labor cost is incurred for repair. In a critical area like an operating room, this could result in downtime as well.
  • Practice Sustainability, Demonstrate Leadership. Large medical facilities have a duty to demonstrate environmental leadership in their communities. Healthcare facilities should recognize the need for climate protection.
  • A Better Patient and Staff Environment. Several studies have shown that LED lighting can benefit healthcare facilities by accelerating patient recovery time, decreasing anxiety in patients and employees, and increasing productivity among employees.

HVAC Efficiency Upgrades for Medical Facilities

In addition to lighting upgrades, we can also look at HVAC units for opportunities to boost energy efficiency. HVAC upgrades may include retrofits or installing smart thermostats. At GreenBee, we always take a comprehensive approach with our clients and look at all areas within a facility that could be upgraded to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Medical Facilities

No one wants to walk into a medical facility that is poorly lit. Healthcare organizations also want to improve patient experience and reduce costs. LED lighting upgrades are an excellent investment for any organization. HVAC upgrades can also reduce energy costs. LEDs don’t just provide a better experience for healthcare professionals and patients, but they also save energy and reduce your monthly utility bill. LED lighting upgrades and retrofits offer a high return on investment, saving you more money long-term than any other energy upgrade.

To improve your healthcare facility and bring down costs, consider energy efficiency upgrades for your medical facility. At GreenBee, we provide top-quality upgrades and assistance with applying to rebate and incentive programs and financing options. For any questions regarding LED lighting upgrades, HVAC upgrades, or to get started with your project, contact GreenBee.

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