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Efficiency Upgrades for Multi-Family Homes

At GreenBee, we take a comprehensive approach to all of our projects. We look at your entire facility and look for every cost-saving opportunity and energy-efficiency measure that we could employ, whether it’s installing indoor LED lighting in a common area, installing LED indoor flood lights, or upgrading the HVAC units.

Each upgrade we perform encompasses the following services:

  • An assessment of your entire facility that looks for energy-efficiency opportunities and helps us to predict costs and potential savings.
  • Assistance finding and applying for incentive and rebate programs that may cover some or all of the project costs.
  • Installation of your new fixtures and energy-efficiency measures.
  • Follow-up with project data to show cost savings and when you should expect to be cash positive on your project investment

Rebates And Financing

An energy efficiency upgrade sounds great until you think about the potential investment you may have to make. At GreenBee, we aim to help clients by offering financing options and assisting them with the process of applying for rebate programs. Financing allows you to pay for your project on leasing terms. We offer lease options that spread payments out for up to seven years where the client can make monthly installments that fit within their budget. We are also very knowledgeable about rebate programs and work with organizations like ComEd and Energy STAR to help clients find funding for client projects.

Our goal is not only to perform quality efficiency upgrades, but also to find every cost-saving opportunity for your project. We want you to see why an energy efficiency improvement is worth the investment and we will help you understand how your upgrade will save you money long-term.

Energy Efficiency For Multi-Family Homes

By installing indoor LED lighting systems, making upgrades to your HVAC unit, or retrofitting your outdoor lighting systems, you can increase property value, improve tenant comfort, and reduce costs for your multi-family units. For top-quality efficiency upgrades, financing options, and assistance applying to rebate programs, contact GreenBee.

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