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Increase employee productivity while saving money with LEDs.

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LED Office Lighting Solutions

All offices need lights in order to operate as a business. At GreenBee Energy Efficiency, we have worked with small and large offices so when it comes to a LED lighting upgrade, we have you covered. By upgrading to LEDs, your company can:

  • Save money on energy bills and maintenance costs
  • Reduce its carbon footprint and waste less energy
  • Increase employee productivity and happiness
  • Create a more comfortable office environment
Occupancy Sensors

Offices present an excellent opportunity to install occupancy sensors. Occupancy sensors are employed so that lights are only on if someone is in a room. If no one is in the room, the lights will turn off automatically. This is ideal for office environments and provides optimal efficiency since lighting is only being used when absolutely necessary.

LED Office Lighting Retrofit

If you have an older form of lighting in your building and don’t want to make the investment to completely remodel and install new LED lighting, retrofitting is a great option. Retrofitting is an opportunity to use the same fixtures but upgrade the lighting aspect or the energy supplier to the light. Retrofitting is the most affordable approach to LED upgrades.

LEDs - Great For Your Energy Bill And Employees

Natural light is great, but LED lights are the next best alternative. LED lighting can emit a bright, pure white light that mimics daylight. When exposed to LED lights, people have similar bodily reactions as if they were exposed to natural sunlight. LEDs can also emit light in a specific direction, easily lighting any area, small or large. LEDs do not flicker, unlike many fluorescent bulbs so you reduce distractions and migraines that may be caused by traditional forms of lighting.

The Best Lighting Option For Your Office Space

Do you want to cater to the happiness of both your employees and your utility bill? Look no further than LED lighting fixtures for your office. At GreenBee, we are lighting experts who can perform an upgrade easily for your business. Plus, we offer assistance with applying to rebate and incentive programs and financing options. For any questions regarding LED lighting or to get started with your project, contact GreenBee tod/about/contact/ay.

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