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Outdoor And Indoor LED Lighting Upgrades

At GreenBee, we specialize in providing outdoor LED lighting solutions and installing indoor LED lighting systems for retailers and shop owners. We have worked with a variety of businesses in the retail industry, including the following:

  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations

Our indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades provide energy efficient lighting while reducing costs for businesses. In addition, LED lighting provides these companies with well-lit spaces for a better consumer experience.

LED Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting upgrades are extremely important in retail facilities since the store itself is what provides customers with either a positive or negative experience. LED indoor flood lights are typically the best lighting solution since they provide optimal illumination and can cover large areas. Flood lights also improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and require less maintenance than any other traditional lighting fixture.

LED Outdoor Lighting

It’s also essential that retailers have adequate lighting for their outdoor areas. A retailer’s parking lot must be well lit for the times of the day when the facility is open and not daylight outside. Customers and employees need a well-lit space for walking to and from their car for safety. An adequately lit parking lot also reduces theft and vandalism, both things that retailers would definitely want to avoid to keep business operations running smoothly. In addition to installing or upgrading your parking lot fixtures to efficient LED lighting, we can also install photocells. Photocells enable lights go on at dusk and off in the morning, resulting in optimal energy efficiency.

HVAC Upgrades For Retailers

GreenBee provides HVAC upgrades for retailers looking to improve the efficiency of all energy-using systems in their facility. HVAC upgrades may involve retrofitting (replacing the compressor, adding condenser fan controls, or adding demand-controlled ventilation), installing smart thermostats, and more. HVAC upgrades lower energy costs and also provide a more comfortable environment for employees and customers.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades For Retailers

GreenBee Energy Efficiency is proud to provide indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades as well as HVAC upgrades to improve energy efficiency for retail facilities. Our upgrades are intended to improve the customer experience while cutting costs. We also offer assistance through rebates and financing programs to make your project affordable. For quality energy efficiency upgrades, work with a company that cares about your bottom line. Contact the experts at GreenBee today.

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