You have probably heard of LED or (light emitting diode) lighting systems, and you might know some of the advantages that they can offer, but what’s holding you back from taking the leap to LED? For some, it is a question of exactly how much energy savings that they are missing out on. For others, they might think that the upfront costs of LED conversion are too high. GreenBee Energy Efficiency is here to provide energy and cost saving answers to both of those questions.

What are the Benefits of LEDs?

There are several reasons that LEDs have started to gain so much popularity in the past few years. The value of the cost-effective options and energy efficiency they offer is undeniable at this points, but we’ll go into greater detail. The advantages of LED lighting solutions include:

  • Built to Last: LEDs for outdoor lighting are designed and constructed to withstand inclement weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow.
  • Energy Efficiency: On average, LEDs are between 70 and 90% more efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps or incandescent lights.
  • Longevity: In any lighting solutions, heat is the biggest killer. Thanks to their lower operating temperature, LEDs provide one of the longest life cycles of any lighting system available today.
  • Safer Operation: Another bonus of their lower running temperatures is that LEDs are less of a safety risk in your home or facility. You won’t burn your fingers on these light bulbs.
  • Superior Illumination: All of these other advantages come along with the guarantee that you won’t be losing any of the quality from your lighting systems. LEDs offer the same level of illumination or even better than your traditional systems.

GreenBee is Here to Help You Find the LED Lighting Rebates You Need

As part of our comprehensive services, we not only want to help you find the most energy efficient solutions for your facility, we also want to assist you in funding these new projects. Our team at GreenBee has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the appropriate LED lighting rebates your project could be eligible for. We also have ample experience with the rebate forms and applications, we will manage the entire application for you and get you the savings you deserve.

We have partnered with the utility company, ComEd, to make sure you can afford the efficient technologies that you need to upgrade your building systems. We can offer our assistance in supplying rebates for energy efficient appliances, heating and cooling equipment, and new LED light sources.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Services

Our lighting solutions don’t just include new lighting fixtures, we also offer retrofitting or conversion from old fixtures. Some people will choose the retrofitting process to avoid replacing an entire fixture. The conversion program maintains the existing fixture and upgrades it with the new LED technology. Our lighting services include:

Whatever your lighting needs, we are equipped to handle the entire process. From the initial assessment and planning to the recycling of old materials and your installation, GreenBee Energy Efficiency is here to manage everything for you. We will even help you find ways of making the project more affordable through incentives and rebates. To learn more about LED lighting solutions and how they can help your home or business, contact us today.