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The proper design will result in maximum energy efficiency

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LED Light Efficient Design

Our LED light designs are designed with you in mind. Our design services are just one more way that we are taking the extra step for our clients and providing a completely comprehensive lighting upgrade. Our main goal is always to provide an energy efficiency upgrade that saves our client money in the long-term by reducing their monthly energy bills; design is a big part of this.

Why does design play such an important role in the efficiency of an LED lighting upgrade? No matter what, replacing older bulbs with efficient LED bulbs is going to improve the energy efficiency in your building; however, the right design is a critical aspect as well. To get the right design out of your project, you need to work with an expert. GreenBee has flawlessly executed numerous LED lighting design projects.

Photometric Design

Illuminating a large space takes more than just guesswork. Photometric lighting design ensures that a set of fixtures provides even, sufficient lighting across an entire property. Detailed photometric plans have helped us to design and plan large-scale projects. Whether it is a large parking lot for a retail facility, a car dealership parking lot, or a convenience store lot, GreenBee does it all.

The following are benefits to using photometric diagramming:

  • The proper design will evenly distribute lighting across the facility or property, making it safe for all people who use that space.
  • The right design will ensure that no area is lit inefficiently, lit too much, or lit when it’s unnecessary. This is important so that energy is not wasted.
  • Photometrics allows for precision. Our team knows exactly how far every fixture will emit light, and how strong it’s light will be at certain distances. This enables us to design a perfectly lit space.

No matter what industry you are in or the size of the area you need lit, LED lighting design is something that we specialize in at GreenBee.

Energy Efficiency Requires Precise Design

When it comes to lighting, design is something we can offer if the situation warrants it. We take the specific client and budget into account when planning projects; and if we feel a new design would be a good investment for you, we will propose it as part of your upgrade project. For quality LED lighting upgrades and design work, contact GreenBee today!

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