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Lighting Controls and Efficiency Upgrades

How we control our lighting systems has a significant impact on how efficient they are. Sure, LEDs are more efficient, but if you leave them on when they’re not being used, you’re missing out on a cost-saving opportunity. Thankfully, more options are available than a simple on/off switch.

At GreenBee Energy Efficiency, we can upgrade your lighting controls to help eliminate user error in energy usage. We have performed the following upgrades for lighting controls:

  • Photocell – A photocell is a lighting control that operates outdoor lighting. It turns lights on when it gets dark and turns them off when the sun comes up.


  • Daylight Controls – Daylight controls work with dimming. They are commonly seen in warehouses with skylights and large garages. When the facility opens, and daylight comes in, we can dim the light so the client still has enough to see but is using the minimum amount needed. This way, lights are operating at maximum efficiency.


  • Occupancy Sensors – These are set up to sense when someone is in the room. With occupancy sensors, you’re being efficient by not wasting energy when it’s empty.


  • Advanced Lighting Controls (ALCs) – ALCs allow clients to control all aspects of their lighting systems using a tablet or computer system. LED light controllers are useful because you can operate your system remotely, ensuring you’re being as energy efficient as possible, even if you aren’t onsite.

Are Lighting Controls Right for You?

If you’re interested in making your facility more efficient while saving more money, lighting controls and efficiency upgrades are right for you. Additionally, these may be the right fit for you if the following apply:

  • You want automation to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.
  • You want your technology to generate data from monitoring and measuring the performance of your upgrades.
  • You want flexibility in how your space looks at various times of day and for different situations.

Lighting controls remove the need for human decision-making in adjusting the lighting. The beauty of this new technology is its algorithms ensure adjustments are made when necessary, eliminating wasted energy. You’ll also be able to create a more comfortable space for occupants.

While you may think you don’t have the budget right now to invest in an energy-efficient solution like this, you might be eligible for rebates and incentives that will significantly reduce the cost.



LED Lighting Rebates

There are several lighting upgrade rebates and incentives to take advantage of, but finding the ones you are eligible for can be challenging—that’s where GreenBee comes in. We work with various programs such as the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program to help our clients find funding for their LED projects. We also help our clients with the application process, which can be tricky to navigate without proper guidance.

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From manufacturing facilities and offices to parking garages and schools, we have helped a variety of businesses and property owners upgrade their lighting controls to be more energy efficient. Most business owners aren’t aware of the money they could be saving with a few simple control upgrades. Avoid using light when you don’t need it and take advantage of advanced lighting control options with GreenBee, your trusted partner for lighting efficiency upgrades. Contact the team at GreenBee Energy Efficiency today to get started with your project.

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