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Lighting uses more than a quarter of the energy in your building

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Not ready to invest in brand new lighting fixtures? Consider a retrofit. Lighting can account for more than 25 percent of energy usage in commercial or industrial buildings. While lighting upgrades can improve the energy efficiency in your building, they also require a significant investment. Whether your building is old and has fluorescent bulbs or has changed its layout and requires optimization for light, a lighting retrofit is a great option to consider.

What Is An LED Retrofit?

Retrofitting is an opportunity to use the same fixtures but upgrade the lighting aspect of them or the energy supplier to the light. The term “retrofit” essentially means “conversion.” In the case of most lighting retrofits, traditional lighting is being replaced with LED lighting. Retrofitting is a more affordable approach to upgrading lighting and still offers additional energy savings.

How You Can Benefit From An LED Retrofit

Energy efficient lighting retrofit projects represent the most significant return on investment of any other technology project. There are three main ways an LED retrofit can benefit you and your facility:

  1. Energy efficiency – Saves both money and the environment
  2. Reduction in recurring maintenance costs – LEDs last much longer than traditional bulbs
  3. Improved lighting quality – Results in safer, more productive employees

Our Approach

When performing a lighting retrofit, we are able to use the old fixture itself and bring the benefits of LED lighting to it, rather than replacing the full fixture. By simply updating the current fixture, we are able to help offset the cost of your project.

We work hard to help our clients understand why a retrofit is a smart investment. We know what makes LED lighting better for your facility and the benefits of switching. Since lighting retrofits save money on energy bills, we also look at the data from our client’s building to show them when they will be cash positive on their investment. We want to help you as much as we can, this means a top-quality upgrade and excellent customer service throughout the entire project.

Add energy efficient lighting without replacing your original fixtures.

Retrofits are a cost-effective way to upgrade to LED lighting.

LED Lighting Rebates

At GreenBee Energy Efficiency, our team is knowledgeable about lighting rebate programs that can save you money by providing funding to your project. We work with organizations like ComEd Energy Efficiency and Energy STAR to help clients find funding. We help our clients with the entire application process, so that they don’t have to tackle the difficult task on their own.

GreenBee Is Your Trusted Expert For Lighting Retrofits

Do you want to be more energy efficient, but don’t have the budget for all new fixtures? A lighting retrofit may be the perfect option for you. At GreenBee, lighting is what we do; it’s what we’re best at. With LED lighting, you can save money, be environmentally friendly, and create a more comfortable, productive environment. Contact GreenBee Energy Efficiency today to get started on your LED lighting retrofit project.

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