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Rebates can significantly help fund your energy efficiency project, but do you have the technical knowledge to apply on your own?

Rebate applications can be hard to understand and difficult to navigate. At GreenBee Energy Efficiency, we care about making sure your project is affordable and aligns with your budget, that’s why we offer our guidance and expertise as a service. Our team is very knowledgeable about rebate and incentive programs, and we find the ones that you may be eligible for and apply on your behalf.

Our Process

Receiving any kind of funding for your project sounds great, but there is work that goes into it. Finding the rebates your company may be eligible for and applying for the rebate itself can take a lot of time and technical expertise that no one on your team may have. Fortunately, at GreenBee, we have knowledge and expertise when it comes to rebate programs. Our business application solutions will make your energy efficiency upgrade affordable and possible.

Every project begins with initial discussions about the project, client expectations, and so on. For every energy efficiency upgrade we perform, we look into rebates and incentives on their behalf as a means to fund their project. The process looks a little something like this:

  1. We ask a series of questions about the project. We know what questions we must ask in order to successfully complete an application.
  2. We handle the application for you. We work with great programs like the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program and Energy STAR to offer rebates and incentives to our clients.
  3. After the application has been successfully submitted and processed, we communicate with you immediately. We keep our clients informed about their project so that they know what to expect. We also offer [financing options] to help make your project possible.
  4. We keep an ongoing relationship with our clients in the case that they made need more energy efficiency upgrades. We are always staying up-to-date on new incentive programs and will inform our partners if anything comes up that they may be eligible for.

We don’t just provide project planning, installation, and design. We truly consult with our clients and try to understand how we can help you the most.

Our application solutions help make the rebate application process easier

Simply answer a series of questions, and we handle the rest

Application Solutions Make Your Life Easier and Your Project More Affordable

Alternative energy systems and applications solutions from GreenBee together make for the perfect combination. Our top-quality efficiency upgrades can help to improve the energy efficiency of your facility and reduce energy costs while providing many other great benefits. Plus, we offer our guidance and expertise for applying to rebate and incentive programs. For comprehensive energy services, GreenBee is the partner you can trust. For quality upgrades that will significantly reduce costs and application solutions for your project, contact the experts at GreenBee Energy Efficiency.

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