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Why Invest In Energy Upgrades?

Energy efficiency is critical in today’s world. Many businesses waste energy, producing higher than necessary energy bills and harming the environment. There are several reasons to invest in energy efficiency upgrades for your facility:

  • Saves you money on energy bills
  • Improves the economy
  • Protects the environment
  • Enhances quality of life and productivity

Financing for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

There are equipment lease options that give you flexible terms to fit into your budget. We are more than happy to look into funding for any project, no matter the size; however, for larger clients and larger projects, there is typically a bigger interest in funding options. During your lease, you will be making payments towards the project.

An Upgrade is Worth the Investment

We help you to see how great of an investment your energy efficiency project is. Based on your monthly bill and the estimated money you are saving by being more efficient, the money you are saving can be reinvested back into the project.

Energy Efficiency Financing Options

At GreenBee, we have lease financing available that requires no money out of pocket and covers 100% of costs. Financing by leasing the equipment avoids any upfront capital expense, with payments spread out for up to seven years. Applying for a lease follows a simple 3-step process.

  1. Fill out a simple, one-page application, which in most cases is all we need.
  2. In special circumstances, we may require additional information such as financial statements or tax returns.
  3. Upon approval, a lease contract is executed. Funding can take place immediately.

Lower utility costs will likely offset the monthly payments, making financing a great option for any business looking into an efficiency upgrade.

Our Partners

From solar energy financing options to funding for lighting upgrades, we work with several partners to offer financing and leasing for energy efficiency projects. Some of the partners we work with include but are not limited to the following:

Financing Made Easy With GreenBee

GreenBee Energy Efficiency assists with navigating financing programs as a part of our services. We don’t just want to save you money on your utility bills; we want to find every cost saving opportunity available to you while improving the energy efficiency of your building. Reach out to our team today about financing options and get started with your upgrade.

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