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Rebates are offered as a cash incentive to customers planning to install energy-efficient technology equipment or systems in their facility.

The process of researching, finding, and applying for rebates and incentives can be challenging. At GreenBee Energy Efficiency, we understand that the application process for rebates can be timely, confusing, and difficult to understand; that’s why we lend a helping hand to our clients throughout this process.

Energy Rebate Applications

We understand rebate applications, and we are very fluent with all technical terminology as it relates to energy efficiency. Instead of you having to deal with a headache, we take care of the entire application process for you. We meet with you about the project, gather all information necessary from you, and fill out the application on your behalf as a part of our services. Rebate applications have simplified; and by having us fill it out, the process is made easier.

At GreenBee, we work with a variety of programs to help our clients find rebates for their projects. We are very familiar with ComEd rebate application forms and Energy STAR application forms. We work with these two programs often as a means of offering our clients cash rebates to fund their projects. We don’t make our clients fill out these applications; we do it all for them. We understand the applications very well and can complete the process quickly and efficiently so that no time is wasted and your energy efficiency project can begin.

Every commercial property has rebates available to them for various upgrades. GreenBee Energy Efficiency knows what upgrades you may be eligible for and we apply for you. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete rebate applications seamlessly so that you don’t have to worry. We stay up to date on all of the new rebates and special offers that become available so that we can inform our clients if they are eligible for any sort of funding. Our team is knowledgeable about rebates available to facilities to help fund their projects.

  • LED Lighting Rebate Solutions
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Lighting Controls
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Compressed Air
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Refrigeration

Depending on the industry your company is in, and what upgrades you are looking into, we know the right questions to ask for rebate application processing.

Rebate can be challenging to understand.

Our team is experts and can help you with the whole process.

Rebate Application Processing With GreenBee

At GreenBee, we care about finding every cost-saving opportunity available to you; this includes more than just energy efficiency upgrades. We work with several programs that offer rebates and incentives to our clients to help fund their project. If you are interested in an energy efficiency project and want to know what rebates you may be eligible for, GreenBee is the partner to work with. Contact GreenBee today to get started!

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