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How We Make Air Compressors More Efficient

Fortunately, most compressed air systems have opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades. GreenBee Energy Efficiency provides these upgrades and helps our clients find rebates and incentives to fund their project.

When working on air compressor efficiency, it’s essential to examine the entire system, which includes not only the air compressor itself but supply lines, air storage tanks, air dryers, receivers, and after-coolers. By making the right adjustments, we can save you significant amounts of money on your monthly electric bill.

There are several ways to improve the design of your air compressor system to improve energy efficiency.

  • Straighten the Path – Narrow delivery lines or sharp bends in those delivery lines can cause increased friction and pressure drops in the system, which means less pressure reaching the point of use. A better design, without so many bends and loops, can produce more pressure using the same amount of energy.
  • Save Energy When Needed – A storage tank or a receiver can buffer short-term demand changes and reduce on/off cycling. A tank can also prevent system pressure from dropping below minimum pressure requirements when demand is at its highest.
  • Cool the Intake Air – Since the energy needed to compress cool air is less than the energy required to compress warmer air, you can reduce the energy required for compression by moving the compressor intake into a shaded area outside.
  • Recover Waste Heat – Waste heat can be used for boiling water for space heating and heating water. A properly designed heat recovery unit can recover large amounts of electrical energy used in air compression.

There are several other ways to improve the efficiency of your air compressor system. The best way to find out is to have a professional like GreenBee Energy Efficiency examine your system and determine the best route for the project.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program―Air Compressor Rebates

Many companies may not know how much their compressor is truly costing them. It’d be nice to get an energy efficiency upgrade to lower your monthly energy bill and save money. However, you may be hesitant to make that investment. Luckily, there are rebates and incentives available to those companies who decide to invest in an efficiency upgrade for their air compressor.

ComEd is a program that we joined with as a means to help facilitate some of our projects. We started with lighting; but now, ComEd funds a majority of our projects, including air compressor efficiency upgrades.

For Air Compressor Efficiency Upgrades, Contact the Professionals at GreenBee Energy Efficiency

By simply getting energy efficiency upgrades for your air compressor unit in your facility, you could save big on your monthly energy bill. And with the professional services that GreenBee provides, your project will be a huge success and can even be funded by rebate and incentive programs. To get started with your energy saving project, contact GreenBee today.

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