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What Are Energy Efficient Upgrades?

There is a lot of buzz about energy efficiency and how everyone needs to invest in upgrades for their facility, but what does it all really mean? Essentially, something is considered more energy efficient if it lasts longer or works better than a traditional version of the same technology, but uses the same amount of energy. Or, it delivers the same performance as the conventional version, but uses less energy. Ultimately, energy efficiency means doing more with less; getting as much use out of something, with as little energy as possible.

It’s important for businesses to be energy efficient because energy consumption has grown incredibly fast over the last few decades. We are in danger of using up the planet’s natural resources and polluting the air we breathe. It’s essential to protect our environment and make sure that there is energy left for future generations. Why else should you care about efficiency upgrades?

  • Cost Savings – By upgrading to become more efficient, you are not only saving the environment; you’re saving money.
  • Increase the Value of Your Facility – An energy efficient building is much more valuable in the eye’s of a buyer than one that is not. Since energy efficient building owners save money on utility bills, they also don’t have as big of an impact on the environment.
  • Make Your Facility Safer – Certain efficiency upgrades, such as LED lighting fixtures, are much safer than traditional bulbs. LEDs are cooler in temperature, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers for factory workers.

Our Approach

When providing efficiency upgrades, we look at the return on investment for our clients. We like to inform them when they will they be cash positive on their investment. We really look at the data (how much are they spending, how much will they save, how much more efficient will their building be, and more) to help a business understand the benefits of being energy efficient. Before finalizing project details, we look at the project from the standpoint of what will benefit them the most and what will make their building more efficient overall.

We provide the following energy efficiency upgrades:

  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Lighting Control Upgrades
  • Compressor Efficiency Upgrades
  • Refrigeration Efficiency Upgrades

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