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At GreenBee Energy Efficiency, our goal is to make your building as efficient as possible and find the rebates to help fund your project. Have you considered a big energy efficiency upgrade for your company, but you’re not ready to make the investment? Energy rebates can help, and GreenBee Energy Efficiency knows how to find every possible cost-saving opportunity for your project.

What Are Energy Rebates?

An energy rebate program is a cash rebate program for customers planning to install new, energy efficient information technology equipment such as lighting and controls. These programs push companies to construct more energy efficient systems in their facilities.

We work with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program as a means to help facilitate our projects. ComEd is a program that we joined years ago to fund lighting upgrades. Today, we partner with ComEd to support all of our energy efficiency projects. This benefits our clients and is an incentive for anyone who pays the bill as a means to fund a portion of these upgrades. We work with you through the entire application process and keep you well informed on your ComEd rebate status.

How We Work

GreenBee Energy Efficiency looks at your building from a comprehensive standpoint, looking at every possible measure that we can employ that would have an incentive or rebate attached to it. We can complete large, extensive projects due to the rebates available for these upgrades. Our team is knowledgeable about all rebates that could help fund your project. Our team will ask you questions, and we will handle the entire application process, making the process seamless.

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We are proficient in working with different programs and know what programs are available for your facility. We will employ a number of different rebates that you may not have known you were eligible for or that you may not have known even existed. If you want to know what rebates are available to you, contact the experts are GreenBee Energy Efficiency. We have the knowledge and experience of working with these organizations to offer rebates and incentives. Not only will we help you find every possible energy rebate and incentive, but we will perform a quality upgrade for your facility. There are many little things that we will do to help increase your efficiency. We install sensors and advanced lighting controls, in addition to our LED lighting options.

When it comes to energy efficiency, we will employ the best program to save your company money on your monthly energy bill and to reduce your carbon footprint. Start saving money and save the environment with top-quality energy efficiency upgrades from GreenBee. For help understanding energy efficiency programs and navigation rebate applications, contact GreenBee Energy Efficiency to get started on your upgrade today.

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