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Installing updated lighting is one of the simplest ways to save

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The experts at GreenBee will help you apply for rebates to fund your project. Lighting rebates for commercial properties are typically available if a business chooses to upgrade their lighting fixtures, and we offer the guidance to help facilities understand the rebates available to them for lighting upgrades.

How LED Lighting Rebates Work

Lighting rebates are based on watt reduction. By us reducing watts, we are able to develop an incentive rebate for the client. Clients will save money and see the highest ROI when converting older HID lamps and fluorescent lighting to ENERGY STAR® certified LED lighting. The state of Illinois will offer rebates for replacing outdated lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. At GreenBee, we know all of the rebates available to you and can help you navigate the application process. There’s are a number of great benefits to upgrading your lighting fixtures to LED lighting, including:

  • Cost Savings – You save money on your monthly energy bill.
  • Brighter Lights – Makes the facility brighter, which in turn makes employees more productive.
  • Makes Facilities Safer -LEDs are cooler, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers.
  • Energy Efficiency – Since you are consuming less energy lighting your building, you are doing good by the environment.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program

We work with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. We joined this program years ago as a means to help facilitate some of our projects. At first, ComEd only funded lighting projects. But, as we’ve grown and expanded our energy efficiency upgrade offerings, they have helped to fund more diverse projects.

Ready for a lighting upgrade but not ready to make the investment?

Talk to us about our rebate solutions which could help you fund part or all of your new LED project.

Why Commercial Lighting Upgrades Are a Great Investment

When you are working with GreenBee Energy Efficiency on a project, we look at the ROI for your business and aim to help you understand when you will be cash positive on your investment. We look at all of the data including:

  • How much you are spending.
  • How much you will save on your monthly energy bills.
  • How much more efficient your building will be.
  • And more.

Our goal is to help you to truly see the difference and understand the impact that our upgrade will provide for your facility. We also offer financing options for larger projects. Since clients can typically receive a rebate and also save money on their money monthly energy bills, the money that they are saving will be reinvested back into the project.

Ask GreenBee About Our LED Lighting Rebate Solutions To Help Fund Your Next Project

GreenBee Energy Efficiency is proud to offer guidance to our clients when applying for rebates and incentives. Being experts on the matter, we will make the complicated process of applying for a rebate easy and painless. If you have been interested in upgrading your lighting fixtures to something more energy efficient, contact GreenBee. We will find the best solution and help fund the project so that you get a great return on your investment.

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