Refrigeration systems are a major target for cost savings in the food industry

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Commercial facilities of all types, including those in the food industry, are always looking for opportunities to save money — GreenBee is the partner that can help.

The food industry has many of the same energy needs as any other business sector, but the big one that sets them apart is refrigeration. Improving the efficiency of a refrigeration system in a grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, or another food facility can result in substantial cost savings, as refrigeration systems use almost 40 percent of total energy in these facilities.

Efficiency Upgrades for Grocery Stores & Convenience Stores

GreenBee Energy Efficiency is proud to provide energy efficiency upgrades for refrigeration systems for businesses the food industry. We are experts in performing the upgrades that will make your refrigeration system more efficient. We commonly provide the following services for refrigeration upgrades; however, we are willing to assist in finding all cost-saving opportunities in your facility.

  • Variable Frequency Drives – We employ variable frequency drives on refrigeration fan motors so that instead of running 24/7, the fan runs at high and low speeds until it is running at the temperature that is needed.
  • Curtains – We have worked with facilities to set up curtains to keep areas sectioned off so that temperatures don’t fluctuate as much.
  • Door Closers – We have installed door closers in commercial facilities to ensure that the doors aren’t kept open in refrigerators; this helps keep the cool air in.

40 Percent

Refrigeration systems in grocery stores and convenience stores use almost 40 percent of the total energy in the facility.

Refrigerator Energy Rebates

GreenBee Energy Efficiency provides top-quality energy efficiency upgrades for refrigeration systems, but our services don’t stop there. We specialize in helping our clients by finding energy rebates and incentive programs to help fund their efficiency upgrade project. We work with the following programs:

Commercial refrigeration systems use large amounts of electrical energy. Electricity generation is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. By improving the efficiency of your refrigeration system, you will save money and help save the environment.

No Matter the Industry You’re In, GreenBee Is Your Trusted Partner

By making simple energy efficiency upgrades to your refrigeration system, you can save money and help protect the environment. GreenBee Energy Efficiency delivers quality upgrades and reliable services so that you can see a positive return on your investment. We don’t just provide quality upgrades; we also help you find and apply for rebate and incentive programs. No matter what industry you are in and what efficiency upgrades you are looking to employ, our goal is always to uncover every cost saving opportunity for your business. For the best efficiency upgrades in the business, reach out to our team today.

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