How a simple light bulb can lower your costs, illuminate your spaces, and change the way you work

Business owners are always looking to gain a competitive edge, the smart ones at least. What is the one thing you can change or approach differently that will lower costs, boost revenue, increase efficiency, and drive office productivity? Have you thought about lighting as the answer?

Think about your workspaces and the methods you use to light them. Are they lit with flourescent or even incandescent light fixtures? If you are looking for a way to reduce your costs and give your employees high-quality lighting to make their jobs easier, the answer is LED lighting.

LED lighting, a revolutionary new way to light your spaces

For years, the lighting in offices consisted mainly of long banks of fluorescent lights. Compared to incandescent lights, fluorescent was a more efficient alternative, mainly because before the last two decades, there weren’t any other alternatives.

Traditional forms of lighting are very inefficient. In fact, an incandescent light bulb is technically a heater, and the light they emit is a byproduct. Almost 90% of a light bulb’s energy is lost as heat which is terribly inefficient. Fluorescent lighting may not use as much energy as incandescent, but they have some significant drawbacks. They contain toxic mercury which creates a hazard when they break, they take some time to light up, and the light they produce flickers and can cause migraines.

Why your business needs LED lights

Businesses see utilities as a necessary evil, a byproduct of the need to have a building to do business or store products. If jobs could be done in complete darkness, a lighting system would be one less expense. But work can’t be done in darkness, and specific areas such as parking lots need to be lit at all hours. Your business has to provide lighting to make sure processes are done safely and efficiently. LED lighting can be the answer.  Here are key benefits of LED lighting:

Long lasting – While the bulbs may cost more initially, LED lasts much longer. An LED bulb that is on continually hasa life expectancy of 12 years.

Energy efficient – LEDs consume less power than any other form of lighting that is commercially available. A single LED bulb can cost only $1 a year to operate. Compare that to $4.80 for incandescent and $1.20 for a fluorescent light, and it’s easy tosee how you can save money and keep the lights on.

Cost effective – Due to their long life, LEDs need to be replaced less frequently. Since they use less energy, they cost less to operate. Combine these two benefits, and you have a light source that will save money for years to come.

Better light quality – With LEDs, there is no flickering and no loss of performance in extreme temperatures. This means your parking lot lights burn as bright in a winter snowstorm as they do during a clear autumn twilight. In an office setting, LEDs provide warm, controllable light that doesn’t compete with computer screens and wall displays which will reduce eye strain, and create a comfortable,more productive work area.

GreenBee has the energy efficiency solutions and services your business needs

When your office building needs an efficient lighting solution, call GreenBee. Whether you need lighting design for a new office space or want to retrofit your current office with integrated LEDs, we will deliver a cost-effective solution. We are a full-service energy consulting firm, and our defining ability is making realistic energy efficiency adjustments for your business. Call us today, and we can get started saving you money.