Your business doesn’t have to be large and using enormous amounts of energy to receive enormous benefits from an energy consulting firm.

One of the most difficult judgment calls for a small business owner is knowing when to call in outside help. Chances are that your team is small and highly specialized so it’s not realistic to have a licensed energy efficiency expert on staff, ready to assess your energy use. And the truth is, you shouldn’t expect them to be. While you may be able to handle an energy efficiency program in-house, it can easily become a full-time job. This can be an unnecessary and expensive choice.

But if your business is struggling with energy consumption, an outsourced energy management consulting firm can be a real help. With GreenBee, you’ll receive a partner with a highly specialized skill set that will take a close look at how your company uses energy,scrutinizing every aspect of it for opportunities to save money. There are several ways we can help you achieve this.

GreenBee is available to reduce your energy costs

Understand and find opportunities in your energy bill

The way your utility company charges your business for the energy used is very complicated. No two businesses are alike, which means they all use energy differently. It’s also possible that your utility companies may not be charging the correct energy rates or reading the meter correctly. It is up to the consumer to identify these discrepancies and bring them to the attention of the utility company. In some cases, a utility bill audit can uncover some amazing savings, and if the discrepancy has gone on long enough, it may even be possible to receive a refund.

GreenBee can help you make sense of your utility bill and make sure that you are being charged the correct, along with the lowest rate for your energy. If we find an issue, we will be your advocate to negotiate with the utility to make sure it is correct going forward and that you get any refund that is due.

Look for ways to reduce your energy use

Once you are being charged the correct rate, the next step is to reduce your demand. GreenBee will analyze your major uses of energy and find cost-effective ways to reduce the amount of energy these processes use. We can help you discover ways to save that you never thought possible. Regardless of what your business does or how it uses energy, the potential to save exists. Energy efficiency not only reduces your costs, but it makes your business more eco-friendly.

It’s easy to start saving on energy costs, the first step is to call GreenBee

It is important for your business to be energy efficient. Your energy use is important to your ability to deliver your products or services, but it’s an area where you can easily find ways to save on what is most likely a large cost.  Contact GreenBee today to take that important first step to becoming an energy efficient business.