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Energy projects are usually not an easy task to execute. If your company is looking to redefine its energy usage strategy, then you’ll have to weigh plenty of factors. These are the two main steps that you’ll have to initially take:

  1. Decide on the best utility plan for your business. This often includes renewable energy alternatives as well.
  2. Once you’ve decided what type of upgrade is best fit for your operation, you’ll need to review all financing options.

This can be a headache to deal with especially if you don’t have the right guidance in place.

As energy star financing specialists, the experts at GreenBee Energy Efficiency have the solutions that will help make any energy project a breeze. Whether it’s a comprehensive solar initiative or just a simple LED upgrade, you can always trust us to give your working environment the boost that it truly deserves. When it comes to project funding there is no one better to have by your side. We work to help our partners save money, build better tax credit, and sustain optimal use of their utility systems.

Over time, we’ve learned that certain projects and programs need specialty care, but we’ve been able to sharpen our abilities to adapt and serve any of these intricate requirements. With us at the helm, you’ll be able to take advantage of many energy project financing resources and strategies for success.

These the two primary solutions that will be sure to take your business to new heights:

Solar Energy Financing Options

The cost of solar energy is no light expense. You’ll have to work with a certified solar contractor and make room for what may perhaps be a timely and complex installation. A solar energy system is a very comprehensive solution, particularly for commercialized businesses and government agencies. It can be very difficult to find the funding needed to install the right solar panels for a large facility. Whether you choose to make monthly payments or in periodic lumped sums, we’ll work with you to define the most affordable strategy that helps you pull off your solar project. By working with GreenBee, you’ll be able to lease the necessary equipment, avoid any capital expenses, and spread out your payments for as long as necessary.

Energy Efficiency Rebates

Whether it’s a fossil fuel, wind energy, or any other type of alternative utility source, be prepared to pay a hefty interest rate to secure these specialty energy sources. In addition, you’ll need to be eligible to apply for those types of specialty projects. This is where we can help most. At GreenBee, we provide custom rebate programs for any energy efficiency upgrade. We’ll work with you to define energy objectives, monitor your facility, and identify the solutions that are the best fit for your project. We even offer a loan office program support to help you become eligible for the right rebates. Finally, we’ll take things one step further and take care of the entire rebate process for you. This will save you a significant amount of time so you can focus on completing the project.

If you’re interested in any of our superior project funding programs, then contact our experts today. Give us a call at (630) 637-0286 to schedule a consultation with one of our energy consultants.