ComEd Rebates

At GreenBee, one of our primary goals is to make your homes and buildings as energy efficient as possible, but we don’t look at it from just one side. We understand the costs that come with projects like upgrades and retrofitting old lighting systems or fixtures. That is why we are here to help you find the rebates to assist in funding your projects. GreenBee Energy Efficiency has partnered with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program to make the rebate process simpler and straightforward for our clients.

What is ComEd?

ComEd identifies as an energy delivery company. They do not create electricity or energy for anyone. Their services are actually responsible for providing electricity to residential and commercial locations. They manage over 90,000 miles of power lines across an 11,400 sq mile service area. They have made it their mission to offer safe, reliable, and efficient services to their more than 4 million customers.

They have continually made investments in technology and hardware that will lead to shorter, fewer energy outages; along with modern information about making smarter choices for your energy usage. Going above and beyond that, ComEd also believes in reducing our footprint on the earth and helping you find new ways of saving money on your electric bills. They have multiple initiatives and rebate programs in place to encourage new energy projects and upgrades to your existing structures.

Smart Thermostat Rebates

One of the most energy efficient technologies that you can start saving with right away are smart thermostats. Over the long-term life of your property, some of the most significant expenses are going to be heating and cooling your home or facility. A smart thermostat allows you to manage this usage more productively. Depending on your model, you can have features including:

  • Up to $100 rebate from ComEd
  • Real-time data on energy usage and upcoming weather
  • Preferred settings for time of day or night
  • Motion-detection automated temperature settings
  • Wi-Fi enabled remote control from any location
  • Annual energy savings from efficient management of your usage

Energy Efficiency Appliances Rebates

Whenever you purchase any home appliance, you are actually paying for it twice. Once for the initial purchase and an ongoing bill for every time you use it. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances helps consumers by decrease overall energy use without compromising the performance of their appliances. If you fit the eligibility requirements of ComEd, you could receive up to a $50 rebate for a refrigerator, washer, electric dryer, freezer, or air purifier.

Heating and Cooling Rebates

The HVAC systems for your residence or facility will be one of the most significant investments you make and making an energy efficient decision from the start can save you big over the long-term. Depending on your type of HVAC system, there are multiple levels of rebates that you can be eligible to use from ComEd. Your installation must be completed by a ComEd certified service provider.

Facility Assessments

ComEd offers a free facility energy assessment depending on the usage of your business or organization. They will assist you in finding all of the energy-saving opportunities for your building, from lighting and HVAC systems to chillers and motors. A ComEd engineer will dedicate approximately two hours assessing your location and results will be delivered with three or four weeks. The results will be a detailed report on the energy efficiency projects you can begin right away.

Building Optimization

Going deeper than a standard facility assessment, these building optimization services will work to lower your overall operating costs and provide savings over the long-term by making your entire building more efficient.

These services include:

  • Retro-Commissioning: This practice is performed to optimize the energy performance of your location while still maintaining a comfortable environment. A well-executed retro-commission can save you as much as 5-10% on your annual electric bills.
  • Industrial Systems: This service specifically targets systems with different studies throughout your building like compressed air, industrial refrigeration, process cooling, and wastewater treatment. These studies will provide insight in how to get the best performance and efficiency out of these systems.

Energy Management

ComEd will analyze your business’ energy usage and compare it to last year’s performance or other companies similar to yours. There are solutions included that are already in practice in other workplaces around the state. These solutions also come with predicted savings and a tool for building your own energy efficiency plan. You can find out how much energy you are spending during shutdown hours and how severe weather affects your bills. They will help you aggregate all of this data into an actionable plan with the steps you can take in the future.

Lighting Project Discounts and Rebates

At first, ComEd only helped fund lighting projects with us, but since GreenBee has grown and expanded our services, they have been there to assist in more diverse projects. The lighting rebates you can get with GreenBee and ComEd are based on watt reduction. By allowing us to reduce your watt usage, we are empowered to help you find a better incentive rebate for you.

Our clients will enjoy advantages including:

  • Saving money by converting away from HID lamps and fluorescent lighting
  • Enjoying brighter lighting with LEDs
  • Have safer lighting systems with lower operating temperature
  • See a rapid return on investment by consuming less energy to light your building
  • Find rebates and incentives with ComEd to make all of these projects more affordable

The GreenBee Energy Efficiency Advantage

At GreenBee, we know all of the rebates that are available to you and will be there to assist you in navigating the application process. To learn more about ComEd or the other energy efficient benefits of partnering with GreenBee Energy Efficiency, contact us today.

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